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Gift Service

For all of us, some of the 365 days of the year are very special. Whether it is our name day, our birthday, an anniversary or even a random event, we always have reasons to offer or accept a gift. So, in our company, listening to your every need, we created it Gift Service .

If you want to offer a gift in wrapping (packaging), and not just a gift card, then you have nothing but to choose a product and put it in your cart. Then, during the process of registering your details, you must, in the comments field for your order, inform us about the fact that it concerns a gift and you need a wrapper. If you wish the recipient of your gift to receive the parcel directly from our shipping company, in addition to the billing address, you must also fill in the shipping address. Otherwise, if you wish to receive the gift yourself and deliver it in person, then just fill in the comment and the billing address.

Conversely, if you are one of those who want to ask a gift and you do not know how, the solution is simple. Select the desired product and enter it in Wish List (option: “ add to wishlist Once added, go to the wishlist either from the “browse wishlist” option or via the path: My account -> Wish List and just share it on your social media or send it by mail. Do not forget to indicate your username. So, when a follower, friend, subscriber or contact buys it, they should enter the indication in the comments field of his / her order: “ Gift for (username) “.

Therefore, whether for Happy Birthday or to Live, we are by your side to enjoy … every moment!

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